Alternative Investment Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is an investment service by which the customer delegates the management of its investment account to a regulated and authorised entity.

Alternative management is aimed at obtaining positive returns in any market situation with a low correlation to the behaviour of traditional financial assets (mainly fixed income and equities). Alternative management is extremely heterogeneous and risk-return can vary considerably depending on the category and risk adopted by the management team, since it has the possibility of using derivative instruments, leverage and bear positions.

All the alternative management model portfolios have a minimum risk profile designed to test the suitability of high risk due to the use of derivatives, bearish positions and the possibility of being leveraged.

Below you will find the different categories of model portfolios. 

The Management Agreement governs Altarius' powers and obligations vis-à-vis its customers.

Altarius never has access to the disposition of funds of the clients, only it is empowered to decide and execute sales orders.

The client has no counterparty risk with Altarius as its portfolio is guarded by an independent Custodian Bank. 

Ability to manage assets in any country in Europe.


The clients are assigned a Private Banker, which ensures the quality of personal attention.