Asset Management


A new approach to investment

As an Alternative Investment Funds Manager (AIFM), Altarius Capital specialises in managing alternative and stand-apart products.

Alternative management goes beyond the traditional management approach. It involves sourcing specific and different investments that can offer clients more diversification and higher returns than traditional management and, especially, a low correlation to traditional market cycles. This gives us tools for better risk control.

Altarius Capital, as a regulated and authorised manager in various EU countries, can offer solutions in the countries in which we operate (Gibraltar, UK, Luxembourg, Italy, Malta and Spain).

Our Asset Management area offers a wide range of products and assets that can fit any portfolio and risk profile.

Universe of Assets

This is the range of specific assets that we offer to clients.

Faced with an ever-changing investment landscape, we adopt an innovative approach to find the best opportunities. Thanks to a team of innovative specialists we create value by working with every asset type.



Our star products include: Funds, Bonds, Notes, Structured Products and Model Portfolios

We source the best products for our clients.


More flexibility

Let’s change the way we invest

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