Our Business

At Altarius we strive to create innovative and stand-apart investment alternatives.

We offer equity management, asset management and related services.

At Altarius Capital we remain true to the Private Banking philosophy with our clients, and we focus on creating innovative investment alternatives and tailored strategies based on each client’s needs.

We develop our own strategies, adapted and designed to give our clients an advantage when it comes to making decisions on how to invest and how to preserve their capital.

We specialise in creating, designing, developing and distributing alternative investment products, strategies and solutions, which are designed to give our clients access to assets and investment methods that offer better returns than traditional markets with asymmetrical risk exposures, with a low correlation to traditional strategy approaches.

We design comprehensive strategies that cover the entire investment cycle, from identifying the asset or product to identifying and tracking down investment opportunities.

At the same time we became a first-class partner for our institutional clients and private investors, to whom we provide a broad range of services and solutions for the creation, administration and management of investment vehicles, corporate finance, financial structuring and securitisation.

As a Global Manager, we cover every need for our clients, may they be companies, institutions or individuals.

We provide the most efficient and innovative solutions on the market, always tailored to our clients’ needs.

We want to share our experience and expertise with you.

Private Banking

This is the business unit that specialises in asset management.

Private Banking is our business unit that specialises in equity management for clients who require a personalised service for their medium and long-term savings and investment.

Our personalised advice service analyses the asset structure of our clients, to plan and provide the best investment strategy and combination of products to suit their needs.

Our clients can choose where to deposit their assets, from a wide range of depository institutions and private banks.

Through management mandates, you can trust in the Altarius Capital team of professionals (our global manager) to manage your investments, a team formed by highly-experienced managers in asset management. The management mandates are designed specially to administer your assets and respond quickly to market fluctuations.

Our goal is to strike a balance between portfolio return and risk because, based on investment and risk profile, we define the most suitable management strategy for each client.

Investment Banking (Structuring and Securitisation)

This business unit offers financial services to institutional and private investors, through our Addvalue Securities partners.

We offer a wide range of products and services, including advice on issuing and trading structured fixed-income and equity products.

Asset Management

We specialise in international asset management for institutional and private clients, developing investment funds and other instruments for all manner of clients, from institutional investors to companies, individuals and government institutions.

We operate comprehensively through a global network, to be able to offer the very best investments, ideas and resources.

Our Value Proposal

We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with the client based on trust, upholding the following values:

– Personalised service

– Service excellence

– Trust

– Integrity

– Responsibility

We continually search for new solutions and alternative products to ensure that your assets are managed optimally.

– Global advice, systematic analysis process, risk management and control.

– Anticipating needs, with continuous monitoring and control.

– Transparency and independence when it comes to selecting the products and services most suited to your portfolio.

– Security, complete discretion and attention to detail.

– Innovation: fundamental when it comes to optimally aligning your portfolio with your goals and expectations.

The above values are crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. We want to become a benchmark for Private Banking, and we are putting all of our efforts into achieving this. Our clients know this and are the first to back us.

We want to become your ally, someone you can rely on.