Financial optimisation

We facilitate access to financing for entities and companies, both public and private through Capital Markets.

Our optimisation team comes from principal Spanish financial institutions where they have specialised in the Origination and Syndication of Fixed Income Issues.

In the credit restriction environment of today, our professionals offer a choice of finance solutions adapted to the real needs of companies. They proactively develop relationships between clients / issuers and investors to understand the financial and investment requirements of both parties. By understanding the financial markets, the financial products and the current environment, our team forms the perfect link between clients / issuers and investors. In parallel we collaborate with other departments of the entity in the search of alternative investors that also offer financing tailored to the credit profile of the client / issuer.


Services and products


  • Capital Markets.
  • Bond Origination.
  • Bond Conversion.
  • Private Placements.
  • Project Bonds.
  • Advice: capital structures.
  • Promissory notes.

Structured Finance

We provide solutions for structured financing, based on an expert knowledge with high standards of quality and maximum information security.

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Total Administration

Management, control, monitoring and backup service of different asset portfolios that support financing structures, focused on meeting all management and information needs.

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Structuring the financing

Addresses both public issues and private financing, which include alternative sources of capital financing, based on both on and off-balance sheet records.

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