About us

Altarius Capital Ltd. is an independent management entity and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) that offers global and tailored alternative investment solutions to asset managers, institutional investors and private investors.

Altarius Capital was founded in 2016 by financial specialists with a background of success in managing global portfolios, derivative instruments and alternative investments such as private equity strategies, real estate and commodities.

We are an independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager, specialising in alternative asset advice and management. We develop our own investment products and we help our selected partners to create, set up and implement new investment vehicles.

Altarius recruits the best talent in the field of investment and has a reputed team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in the investment banking industry.

We maintain a strong risk management culture, always focused on risk-adjusted returns, and we are committed to providing investors with transparent and detailed information.

Our international management experience covers every type of asset, based on the expertise of each member of our team.

Our goal is to deliver long-term returns and preserve capital following meticulous administration, investment management and risk management processes.

We specialise in providing alternative investment strategies and risk management by structuring new products and through regulated, EU-approved investment vehicles (Gibraltar, Malta, Luxembourg and Spain), both for private investors and corporate and institutional investors. We can also manage and market your vehicle throughout the EU.

Our Business

At Altarius we strive to create innovative investment alternatives and absolute return strategies.

Altarius devises tailored strategies designed to give our clients an advantage when it comes to understanding risk taking.


Team of Talent

Altarius is formed by the best team of professionals to ensure a first-rate service for clients and that they get the best out of their investments.


Team of Talent

Altarius is formed by the best team of professionals who provide a first-class service and ensure you get the most out of your investments.
We are highly experienced in equity management, asset management and risk management.

Our investment team offers research, investment strategies, due diligence and structuring services, investment advice and continuous investment management services or advice with a global mandate.