Private Banking


Discretional Portfolios

The Management Model is a process where precision is paramount in the decision-making process (strategic assignment of assets, risk control and product selection, with an open architecture and real economy and alternative investments).

We use cutting-edge technology for internal risk management and control processes, and reporting tools for our clients.

Advantages of Delegated Management

    • Professionalism: Our investment teams are experienced in asset management and adhere to the strictest standards to determine the investments that fit your needs and circumstances.

    • Full-time attention: We are aware that our clients must devote their time to their families and work, and therefore be able to entrust their investment portfolios to our professionals. We will channel all of our efforts into ensuring that our clients can rest assured that we will look after their interests.

    • Transparency: We work with top banks, which means your money and securities are always in your name, allowing access to the real-time performance of your investment and receiving regular, detailed reports on your portfolio performance and the changes thereto.

    • Estate planning: We view your estate as a whole, regardless of the entities with which your assets are deposited. We provide a global, personalised financial advice service, allowing us to cover your future cash flow needs to achieve your goals and desires (your children’s education, buying a house, retirement, etc.).

    • Discipline and control: Our risks department adheres to the strictest controls to guarantee fulfilment of the management team’s investment criteria, as part of the investment policy for each strategy.

    • Information: Our clients will receive global, consistent and comprehensive information about any aspect affecting their portfolio.

    • Multi-custodian: Our clients’ investments are deposited at the financial entities with which the client chooses to work. They can also join the agreements that Altarius Capital has entered into with certain leading entities world-wide.

    • Multi-jurisdiction: Altarius Capital has the power to advise and manage portfolios in the UK, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Malta.