Discretionary Investment Portfolio Management

Structural risk is reduced through the use of highly regulated European structures.

Market risk is reduced through a risk management system that is strictly and rigorously analysed and managed by the Altarius team, we offer our clients a global management model that allows a solid and profitable investment experience

Investment Philosophy


Independent Management

The management of vehicles and portfolios uses strategies based on the perspective and experience of the management team.


In portfolio management the money invested always remains in an account in the name of the client, allowing access to the evolution of their investment in real time.

Active Management

Our management model enables us to improve on benchmark indices by constantly monitoring and managing the investment using profitability and risk analysis controls.

Discipline and Control

Our risk department operates tight controls to ensure compliance with the investment guidelines set by the management team in the investment policy.


We are committed to a diverse management team that brings experience in all areas of investment.

Transparency in customer information

The client receives regular, detailed reports regarding the evolution of the portfolio and the changes made.