Private Banking


Private Banking

Through its Private Banking business area, Altarius Capital focuses on building a direct relationship with the investor, guaranteeing them full-time attention and personalised services.

To tailor portfolios to client needs, we select assets from the different management areas (Fixed Income, Equity, Alternative Products, Investment Funds, etc.) fulfilling these requirements:

  • Personalised Service
  • Search for best investment alternatives at any given time
  • Dynamic and professional management
  • Independent management
  • Investment tailored to each investor profile

Our clients’ portfolios are structured around their risk profile and investment goals.

Portfolio Management is where we give the option of delegating investments to a team of independent professionals who work exclusively to gain the highest return on assets, closely aligned with our clients’ interests.

The client and their needs are at the core of everything we do. We believe that each client is unique and our priority is to understand their specific situation to help them, building an investment strategy tailored to their specific circumstances.

All of our clients are assigned a private banker who will guide them through and support them in any process and decision-making, guaranteeing a first-rate, personal service.

Whether you want to preserve your assets or gain more return, we will create solutions adapted to each of your needs, as they evolve. We are aware, however, that there are constant variables that must remain consistent: maintaining a long-term outlook, keeping up high standards in risk management and staying alert to quickly respond to changes on the market, allowing us to protect and ensure the growth of your assets.

Discretional Portfolios

Discretional portfolio management is an investment service through which the client delegates administration of their investment account to a regulated and authorised entity.


Alternative Portfolios

Alternative investment management is based on an ‘absolute return’ strategy through dynamic and multiple asset location management, based on risk, volatility and absolute return in accordance with the associated risk rating.


Ad Hoc Portfolios

Ad hoc portfolio management services for clients focus on creating specific strategies not covered by the main management services.


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Alternative management

Asset Management