The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) is an efficient and flexible alternative investment vehicle that is radically changing the AIF landscape by completing the existing set of Luxembourg-based alternative investment funds (AIFs).

The new legislation on Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (“RAIFs”) was adopted by the Luxembourg Parliament on 14 July 2016 (the “RAIF Law”). The RAIF Law offers more flexibility to investors, as the RAIF has similar characteristics to the already existing specialized investment fund (SIF), the major difference being that it is not subject to any product approval by the financial regulatory authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). The legal representative bodies of the RAIF are nevertheless required under the provisions of the RAIF Law to appoint an authorized AIFM.

By adopting this new law, Luxembourg is about to revolutionize the international alternative investment sector by extending the existing range of structuring solutions for Private Equity, Real Estate, Hedge Funds and other AIF strategies. This innovation in the alternative investment industry strengthens the role of Luxembourg as global center of excellence for alternative investment funds.

As per the prevailing AIFM Directive, in order to ensure the adequate protection and regulation to its investors, the Reserved Alternative Investment Fund must be managed by a duly regulated alternative investment fund manager.