Securitisation Solutions

With a wide range of possibilities to create the financial instrument of choice, we make it possible for asset managers to attract more investors in different jurisdictions and allow a simplification of their reporting, consolidation and tax questions.

The securities platform is an independent entity that offers a full range of securitization services in all aspects of compliance, content and corporate professional services and institutional investors.



Provides comprehensive support for the establishment of securitisation.


Compartment Solutions

A "Compartment Solution" offers a full range of securitisation services in all aspects of compliance, corporate infrastructure and management services for professional and institutional investors through our securitisation partner


Advantages At A Glance

  • Legal security (Securitisation under the 2004 Act).
  • Securitisation of a wide range of assets (stocks, loans, bonds, debt-related risks, movable or immovable assets and any activity that has a certain value or future income).
  • Design and specific development of the configuration of the securitisation platform with separate compartments.
  • The separation of the securitised assets from any insolvency risk of the securitisation platform (case of bankruptcy / ring fencing).
  • Fiscal Neutrality: Payments made on behalf of investors are fully tax deductible.