Servicios & Soluciones


Services for Funds

We offer services for institutional or private investor funds, and for independent asset administrators.

We supervise every aspect of the life cycle of investment fund products, including legal, governance and operational aspects.

Fund administration

We cover every process from calculating the NAV (fund accounting) to keeping shareholder records (acting as transfer agent).

We also provide a wide range of report options, delivering reports on request (on-line or on hardcopy).

To be able to offer first-class fund administration services we use specialist partners who share our high standards, thus guaranteeing our service, and we promote our risk expertise throughout the whole value chain.

Key benefits

  • Administrator performance protection programme.

  • Anti-dilution measures.

  • Hedging exchange risk for investors.

  • Compliance (AML / KYC).

  • Fund accounting.

  • Fund accounting

    • Calculating and checking NAV.

    • Transfer agent.

    • Reserving subscriptions / reimbursements, confirmation, pre-advice cash flow, etc.

    • Reserving and confirming corporate shares in funds and front-end and back-end load management.

Fund governance

We help third party funds with their legal structure, fund governance and risk management.

  • Comprehensive Service

We work with our customers to cover legal and good governance problems and the risks involved in their funds, so that the asset administrators can focus on their business.

When clients choose us as the ManCo for their fund, we provide a full range of governance services.

Even if clients do not choose us as the ManCo, they can select our services separately according to their needs.

When you partner with Altarius Capital you will be assigned a relations manager as your contact person. A specialist will help you to set up and register your fund depending on your needs and requirements. The relations manager’s role is to identify the pros and cons of the possible legal structures, in accordance with your general goals.

  • Legal:
    • Setting up, registering and launching funds.

    • Drafting legal documents to comply with regulations.

    • Regulatory reports, submitting and following up documents and applications to national and international authorities.

    • Writing prospectuses.

    • Providing legal and tax advice.

  • Fund domicile

We act as custodians of the investor’s legal documents, correspondence and paperwork.

  • Risk and compliance

To mitigate risks, we guarantee compliance with industry regulations and investor protection. Our specialist teams strictly adhere to and enforce internal risk management procedures.

  • Risk management

We manager counterparty, liquidity and operational risks for UCITS and non-UCITS funds.

  • Compliance:
    • Controlling: monitoring legal limits and contractual agreements related to the investor portfolio.

    • Eligibility: asset eligibility evaluations and prospectus reviews.

    • Reports: exhaustive reports for boards of directors and clients.

  • Private label fund services:

If our clients need a made-to-measure and competitive offer that fits their specific needs, our private label funds are the ones for them.

We have more than 15 years of experience under our belt in the investment funds business. When we launch third party funds, we work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate legal structure and domicile so that your funds fulfil specific requirements in terms of liquidity, investment flexibility and regulatory guarantees.

We have amassed substantial experience, covering the entire range of services required to:

  • Establish the legal structure.

  • Deal with supervisory authorities.

  • Cover every operational aspect for fund maintenance.