Structured Finance

Altarius provides structured finance solutions with Master Management of international organisations, market leaders for the Asset Management for Structured Financing, based on expert knowledge, high quality standards and information security. Structured financing therefore becomes an effective support to your company and gives investors a high degree of security, thus offering the services of a Leading Global Entity in the provision of Asset Management Services.

Currently composed of portfolios valued at more than 20,000 million dollars and represented by the management of more than 140 different type of transactions. It is currently qualified in Chile and Mexico by some of the best rating agencies.


The services offered by our partners are also recognised by the major rating agencies in the financial market.


     Moody's (Mexico) labeled as "SQ2-" as a master administrator residential mortgages in Mexico.

     Fitch Ratings (Mexico) increased its rating as "AAFC2" from AAFC2-.

     Fitch Ratings (Chile) assigned a rating of "RMS2" / "ABMS2" as Master Administrator.

     Humphreys (Chile) has agreed to grade "CA2 +" as a master trustee and the trend was rated as stable.

     Feller-Rate (Chile) ratified the classification as "More than Satisfactory" as an Asset Manager.

     Ernst & Young (Chile) Report SSAE-16 / ISAE 3402 on Controls in the Organisation of Services and Manager of Financial Assets.


Benefits for Secured Asset Investors


     Access to low-risk and high-return financial instruments for associated risk

     Adapting the structural designs of transactions to risk preferences since the underlying asset can be structured according to how the investor wants it.

     Isolation of the originator's credit risk and access to security rights over the assets of the company that are segregated in an SPV.

     Permanent monitoring of financial instruments and underlying assets by the Master Administrator-ACFIN.

     Early alerts that assist in adequate detection and mitigation of operational risks

     Management capacity in the event of substitution of primary administrators in case of non-compliance

     Distribution of information certified to capital market standards in a timely and easily accessible manner



Benefits for the Issuer


     Separates the risk of financing the company's ability to pay

     Option of real sale of portfolio without responsibility and access to credit without resources

     Improve the financing profile in relation to the needs of the company and the characteristics of its assets

     Transfers any unwanted risks (credit, liquidity, prepayment, concentration of assets)

     Gain liquidity and reduce capital requirements

     Expands funding sources and diversifies existing ones

     Access to competitive financing rates, given the structuring of the financing

     Additional operational effort and limited transactional risk

     Third party audit and feedback on the internal operational processes.