Services & Solutions


Structuring and Securitization

Altarius’ Services and Solutions through its Maltese securitise, Addvalue Securities SCC.

A wide range of possibilities to create the financial instrument of your choice, allowing asset administrators to attract more investors from different jurisdictions and simplify their reports, consolidation and taxation matters.

The Addvalue Securities platform is an independent entity that offers a whole host of securitisation services: compliance, corporate infrastructure, management services and professional corporate services for private and institutional investors.

Securitisation Platform

Comprehensive support for any cells that request it.

Compartmentalised Solutions

For asset administrators who require specific, low cost solutions.


Legal security (Securitisation in accordance with the 2004 Act). Securitisation of a wide range of assets (shares, loans, bonds, debt-related risks, movable and immovable assets and any activity that generates certain value or revenue in the future).

Specific design and development of configuration of compartmentalised Securitisation platform. Separating securitised assets into cells protects the Securitisation platform or any of its cells against any insolvency risk.

Fiscal neutrality: payments made on behalf of investors are fully tax-deductible.