Capital Markets


Structuring the financing

Comprehensive service, from the conception of the financing to its placement in the market.

It is aimed at both public issues and private financing, including alternative sources of capital funding, based on records both on and off balance. Design and operational implementation of financing structures for different types of assets.

It involves the analysis of possible safeguards and estimates of over-collateral or implicit guarantees, which added to the cost expectations of the structure results in a quantitative model of stress and projection of cash flows adjusted with the expected risks.

Evaluation, Proposal and coordination of the entities involved in the funding process and the preparation of associated contracts with the support of specialist lawyers in the field. Implementation of the structure, design and testing of the protocols and procedures for information transfer, ensuring proper completion of the transaction. Includes support for the Road Show to Investors, preparation of information for rating agencies, design and preparation for prospects.

The service is complemented by Master Administration benefits, “Due Diligence” and Administration “Trustee”, linked to transactions.

Auto Credits

Issues backed by asset portfolios comprised of endorsed promissory notes and non-post pledges for the purchase of vehicles

Accounts Receivable

Rights issues backed by cash flows arising from sales.

Credit cards

Issues backed by loans granted to credit card users to make purchases or make cash advances.

Mortgage credits

Issues backed by endorsable mortgage loans, housing leasing contracts and mortgage loans in general.


Issues backed by future flows from infrastructure assets.

Consumer Credit

Issues backed by consumer credit rights issued to natural persons

University Credits

Issues backed by university credit rights issued to students

Future Flows

Issues backed by any kind of predictable flows in the future.