About Us

Altarius is an independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager specialising in advice and management of alternative assets, we develop our own investment products and we configure together with the selected partners the configuration and execution of investment vehicles. Altarius brings together the best investment talent and a recognized team of professionals with an average experience of more than fifteen years in the investment banking industry. The group maintains a strong risk management culture, continuously focused on risk-adjusted returns and committed to transparent and detailed information to investors.

Altarius is an independent alternative investment specialist that was created to provide alternative investment and risk management strategies through the structuring of investment products as a platform for funds, bonds, notes and certificates for private, corporate and institutional investors.

Altarius is a regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) which offers fully independent investment fund, asset management and risk management services for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). We offer a comprehensive concept of "one stop shop ". Through efficient and recognized regulated investment vehicles from the EU, Gibraltar, Malta and Luxembourg, we are able to manage and market your AIF across the EU.


Our business

Altarius focuses on creating innovative, liquid alternatives and absolute return strategie.

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What we do

Altarius develops strategies tailored and designed to provide our customers with an edge in understanding when to take risks.

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Talent Team

Altarius is formed by the best talent investor and team of investment professionals taking advantage of years of activity and management experience

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