Asset Management


Universe of Assets

Altarius Capital gives you access to a large range of assets, so you can design and develop your fund, portfolio or product.

Absolute Return

Altarius has one of the largest ranges of alternative absolute return strategies on the market, covering: Fixed Income, Equity, Options and Futures Management, Shares (long/short), Foreign Currencies and Commodities.

All of the strategies share a common goal: deliver positive absolute returns in the long term with controlled volatility and low correlation to traditional assets.

The main aim is to provide positive returns regardless of the trends across the markets and the main features include flexibility and the use of active strategies, always with controlled risks.


Altarius has a wide range of theme-based capital strategies, targeted at developed and emerging markets. Our strategies are actively administered with clearly-differentiated investment approaches.

Our investment teams benefit from the freedom of following their own unique philosophy and unique processes. They usually follow active investing, not linked to benchmarks, which allows them to benefit from a wider range of opportunities than traditional managers.

Fixed Income

Altarius Capital helps the client to achieve maximum potential with Fixed Income assets, including: government debt securities and listed and non-listed private debt securities for clients seeking fixed return following a specific investment period, or an investment that guarantees continuous cash flows throughout the whole investment period.

Alternative and Structured Products

Our structured products give clients access to one of the biggest ranges of products and underlying products in the sector. Our solutions feature a comprehensive and fully-personalised service. We continually improve our infrastructure to increase variety and transparency on the structured investment products market for every investor.

The service covers:

  • Mandates on alternative static portfolios to complement your existing portfolio.
  • Creating structured products that separate, complete or protect our clients’ portfolios from turbulence on traditional markets.

Multi assets

Altarius Capital gives its clients access to a range of multi assets, with a dynamic and flexible approach, investing in different types of assets to monetise the various phases of the economic cycle, which reduces risk and leads to optimal return.