What we do

Altarius develops strategies tailored and designed to provide our customers with an advantage in knowing when to take risks and how to preserve capital. Specialising in the creation, development and distribution of own products and solutions as well as those of selected partners.

Altarius specialises in building and operating mandates where our systematic rules allow us to function efficiently and effectively.

We design comprehensive strategies that encompass the entire investment cycle, from identifying the product to locating investment opportunities.

We have a team of professionals with a wide and proven experience of the financial sector, capital markets and real estate. We also have specialised external partners that provide coverage and support to our projects, in every phase of the investment

Altarius was born with the aim of becoming a reference point in alternative investment products: We know and develop optimal tools, easily adaptable by the client to their specific needs.

We specialise in the identification and selection of talented Managers and who have demonstrated their ability to generate added value to their investors in the long term, with the purpose of representing them exclusively to professional and institutional investors and with a deep knowledge of investment strategies we represent. This allows our managers to focus their activities in managing and entrusting the development of their business strategy.



At the same time, we become a quality partner with our institutional clients enabling us to explain each strategy in a detailed and transparent manner.