A new way of Wealth Management


Sing up

Growing together

The opportunities of high net-worth investors enabled to retail clients.

A continuous quest for excellency and service improvement.

With the confidence generated by a wide experience team and the satisfaction obtained from a total alignment of interests.

We invest our own capital on the investment vehicles that we manage.

Co-investment results in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves.

Solvency is to act in an independent manner and always to the benefit of the client.

Solvency is to count with a loyal and satisfied base of clients. Solvency is to have one of the most robust capital foundation of the sector.

Seeking to maintain a mutual trust relationship, as well as transparent and durable, with our clients.

In doing so we offer you the soundness of a team of experienced and committed professionals and the solvency of a leader financial group.

Altarius Capital is the trust generated by a team with experience and commitment with alignment of interests.

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