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Private Banking​


Our main purpose

Discover new growth opportunities to those who have trusted us by offering experiences and service.

Why to invest?

To obtain returns decorrelated to traditional financial markets, by implementing algorithmic trading, coordinated by our quantitative trading team.

Individualized Portfolios

Your personal objectives and circumstances are analysed to determine your investment profile and risk aversion.

Fund Selection

We invest in different asset classes by selecting optimal investment funds in the international market with a rigorous criterion (profitability, cost & safety).

Independent custodians

Your account is protected with maximum guarantees. Altarius Capital opens segregated and customized accounts for our clients in different selected financial entities, therefore, our clients always maintain control of their account.

Asset Allocation

The profitability / risk binomial is optimized with your risk profile portfolio and investment needs.


Your portfolio is monitored and adjusted by our professional team to avoid any difference from the original investment profile, whenever the market or client’s situations demand it.

Diversification and safety

Your investment deserves our utmost care. We are totally independent by choosing the best assets for client’s portfolios. This selection is made exclusively with efficiency criteria.

Private Banking

A new way to plan, structure and implement an investment strategy, to answer to the current financial needs of our clients.

Private Banking

From the first moment we understand your needs and look for new ways to monitor and manage your wealth to achieve your goals. 

Private Banking

A process in which we will accompany you throughout your life, to define a savings and investment strategy to achieve your financial goals. 

Portfolios with their own characteristics

Explore the different possibilities offered by our plans and access the open management architecture: dynamic, sensible and transparent.


We base our method on mathematical and statistical models, specialized in quantitative and algorithmic methodologies.

Risk Management

Preservation of capital is critical for us and therefore we continuously monitor market volatility and portfolio behaviour.


You can check the status of your investments whenever you want with complete and total transparency.


The construction of our portfolios follows a rigorous framework and protocol which is based in quantitative methods which are constantly backtested.

Intelligent Portfolios
Portfolio management is based in quantitative models that are constantly recalibrated evaluated against your goals, maintaining always the ideal risk profile for your investment.

100% Automatized
100% Automatized our investment process is totally automatic and is constantly monitored by our team of technical professionals.

Investment Profiles
We specifically design our portfolios to fit different investment profiles that comply with our client’s needs.

Management Model
Our model is based in dynamic surveillance applied to investment systems that trade in different horizon such as intraday and/or medium term.

Risk framework
We have designed our own risk rating methodology which allows us to evaluate in a daily basis the performance of your portfolio based on the pre-established parameters.

Due Diligence
Every fund in our strategies has been subject to an exhaustive qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to be classified as eligible for our portfolios.

Select your investment plan

Discover new growth opportunities for the heritage of those who have trusted us by offering experiences and service.


Conservative Plan​



Very Conservative

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Lower Risk

Higher Risk


Moderate Plan​




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Lower Risk

Higher Risk


Risky Plan




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Lower Risk

Higher Risk

Lower Risk

Higher Risk

Intelligent Portfolios performance

NOTE: Historical returns do not guarantee future returns which may be negative. Returns from portfolio models are exclusively theoretical and represent an investment in a static portfolio which is identical to the model portfolio. Returns are net, which means that management, performance and custody fees have been deducted.

Every moment in our life is unique and so are our saving and investment plans. ThinkAlternative.

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