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A turnkey framework for your investment fund

Our Management Company solution allows you to quickly establish a vehicle for which we appoint Altarius as a dedicated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) avoiding delays, reducing initial expenses and increasing your return on investment.

AIFM – Advisor Configuration

Altarius performs both portfolio management and risk management functions. You act as promoter and initiation of the investment vehicle.

Service models

The client acts as promoter and advisor to the fund.

Multiple investment platform

By simply acquiring a compartment (sub-fund) in an existing fund structure (umbrella fund) and delegating management, you can benefit from a fully regulated AIFM structure to launch your own fund.

AIFM Distribution

Altarius Capital focuses on providing specialised services to public and private institutions and independent asset managers.

Ongoing fulfillment of country-specific legal requirements.

Notification of local regulators in target jurisdictions.

Analysis and monitoring of distribution partners.

Cost effective:

Low entry and operating costs.


No board support required (company secretary).


Management, risk and compliance delegated to a fully authorized AIFM.

Fast – Time to market

Rapid time to market with our own AIFM label

Manage your own investment fund


  • Simple, rapid time to market with low incorporate costs.

  • Optimisation of investments.

  • Greater visibility.

  • Multiple tools available.

  • Open architecture.

Liquidation values

Own investment policies

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