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Background configuration

First phase

Review and contribution

Review and contribution to the initial drafting and subsequent amendment, where appropriate, of the fund’s legal documents in relation to risk management aspects.

Daily risk management

Drafting and implementation of individual risk management procedures for the fund taking into consideration the investment strategy, risk profile and legal documents of the fund covering material risks.

Follow up

Daily risk management

  • Identification, measurement, evaluation and management of all significant risks of a fund in accordance with its defined individual risk management procedures.
  • Monitoring compliance with the fund’s investment restrictions and risk limits .
  • Periodic report to the fund’s governing body describing the current level of risks incurred by the fund, the use of limits and the fund’s performance .
  • Addressing operational risks through appropriate and adequate procedures for the nature, scale and complexity of the fund’s operational configuration.
  • Initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of the performance of service providers of delegated functions (Monitoring).

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