What are sustainable investment funds?

sustainable investment funds

One of the most popular trends in the economic landscape is a sustainable investment, notably, sustainable investment funds. Sustainable investing is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impact. Sustainability is a concept on everyone’s lips, including conversations in the economic […]

The advantage of Active Management in Investment Funds

Active Management

Active and passive fund management is one of the main divisions of portfolio management theory. They comprise different styles, each with its advocates and detractors. On one side, passive management advocates not following any strategy other than replicating the market, as represented by its benchmark index. On the other hand, there are advocates of another […]

Emerging investment trends during the pandemic

investment trends during the pandemic

In recent years the global landscape has changed a lot, having a significant impact on the economy, this are the common investment trends during the pandemic. The year 2020 has had an indisputable central character: the pandemic. The year has been momentous, COVID-19 has affected health, society, and the economy and, therefore, investments. Where is […]

How to care for and grow your assets

How to care for and grow your assets

Looking after and grow our wealth are two basic goals for any person. Continue reading this article for some tips on how to maintain and grow your assets. The wealth of an individual, a family or a company is the sum of all their financial assets, minus liabilities. Building it takes time and, above all, […]